How To Sew On Velcro

We offer many backing options at Nice patches but the one I like best is Velcro backing. The reason I like the Velcro backing option the best is because it such a multifaceted option. You can switch out your custom patch with another custom patch because the loop part of the patch is attached to your clothing. This backing option is also very durable and will last a long time. Many of our customers that choose Velcro backing are the military , airsoft teams and paintball teams , these customers rely on our Velcro being sturdy and tough and that’s just what type of Velcro we offer.

At Nice patches we sew the Velcro backing onto the back of your custom insignia , the backing will be cut to the exact shape and dimension of the embroidered patch you order. When you receive your custom embroidered patch , the only thing left for you to do is sew the Velcro loop onto the article of clothing you desire. I know some of you might be reconsidering Velcro backing after I mentioned two words, you and sewing. I promise sewing on Velcro is so easy , just read the steps below and your patch will be ready to go!

Items you will need:
– Velcro loop
– Needle
-Custom Patch

Step 1: Position your Velcro Loop backing onto the article of clothing you want your embroidered patch to be.

Step 2: Mark the area where you are going to place the Velcro Loop. You can use a pen or a marker.

Step 3: Thread your needle. Make sure that the thread matches the color of the Velcro.

Step 4: Thread the needle and tie a knot on the end of the thread.

Step 5: Put the needle through the Velcro loop. Sew a clear knot at the beginning of the first stitch and back-stitch at the beginning of the stitch before continuing forward along the Velcro loop edge. Continue sewing along the edge of the Velcro loop until you reach the other end of the Velcro Loop . Sew another back-stitch at the end of your stitch to secure the stitch.

Step 6: Now you can attach your custom patch with the Velcro Backing onto the Velcro loop that you have just sewn on.

Step 7: You did it! Enjoy your custom embroidered patch!

See I told you that it’s not complicated or hard to sew on Velcro. But if for some reason you are still not comfortable with sewing on Velcro , put down your needle and thread and call your local tailor or dry cleaners!

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